How to turn your thrift finds into stylish outfits

                Bonjour, fashion friends!! 💋💓

    It has been a long time since we have connected in the blogosphere. I am so excited to share my love for all things fashion, style, food, travel, and everythig that goes on in the Whit Michelle world. 

As we all know the Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in many ways, from loss of jobs, loss of homes, loss of income, and etc. I have taken the time during this pandemic to really reflect on my spending and making sure I'm saving money for my future and for a rainy day. 

I decided to cut back on my spending for clothing and shoes. Anyone who knows me knows that I love fashion, and I'm a bit boujie, lol. I told myself that I am going to stop spending full price on clothing items, well, maybe sometimes I'll splurge to reward myself 😁. 

I decided to put on my gym shoes, jogger suit, face mask, and gloves on, and I took a visit to my local thrift stores. Ladies and Gentleman, lets just say I felt like I was at New York Fashion Week.  I found some of my favorite brands like Ann Taylor, Loft, J Crew, Ralph Lauren, Talbots, Banana Republic, and even an old brand that is no longer in exisistence, Cache. 

With many of my thrift finds I usually try to make sure they make a lasting impression, and are practical. I like to make sure my finds are suitable for work, church, or if I want to go out for a night on the town. If your finds are practical they will be interchangeable, you will definetly get your money's worth. You will be able to wear these finds in any setting. When thrifitng, I always look for nice blazers, skirts, button down business shirts, dress pants, and blouses. You will always find these items in a thrift store, and they are usually always in great condition. Once I purchase these items I always take them to the cleaners to be properly cleaned and pressed. I know you may say, well going to the cleaners can be costly. I always get weekly coupons, and I take advantage of the discount. 

Here are a few of my thrift finds from GoodWill and Savers thrift store.

                                                 Blouse is not a thrift find!

                                                  Blazer is not a thrift find!
                                                    Sweater is not a thrift find!

                                                         Dress is not a thrift find!

  Au revoir, fashion friends!!!!!

  Whit Michelle- The fashionista 💕💟


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