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What Is Content Marketing?

In the era of social media, content marketing has really become a big phenomenon. You see content marketing everywhere from hashtags, to people labeling themselves as content marketers in their social media bios, to job titles in the marketing field.  Some may ask, what is content marketing? This is definitely a great question to ask, especially if you are not knowledgeable of the marketing field.  Content marketing is information that is developed through research and/or expertise to inform, educate, or to bring entertainment to a specific audience. Content marketing should always be factual unless it is an opinion blog/segment piece, or for the purposes of entertainment.  Before creating content on social media, blog post, or through magazine/newspaper articles make sure to ask yourself these questions: Who is my target audience? What is my target audience in need of? Is my content relevant to my target audience? What channels does my target audience use to access information? (ex: s

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