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Vintage in the city

  I'm such a fan of vintage clothing. Vintage clothing are usually made of quality material and are structured very well. The structure of the fabric is what makes it last so long, along with the type of fabric. Vintage clothing is anything 20 years and older. This means any fashions from 2001 are considered vintage, yes that's right, vintage. It's hard to believe because 2001 wasn't that long ago.  Let me show you a few of my favorite vintage pieces that I've purchased over the past couple of years.  The orange vintage dress can be dated around the 1950s to the 1960s era. I purchased this dress from a vintage shop called FOUND in Memphis, TN on Broad Ave. The orange suede sling backs were thrifted from Goodwill Int'l.  The black dress can be dated to the 1980's to the early 1990's era. I thrifted this dress from Goodwill Int'l along with the black pumps.   Vintage fashions are my love language, I can wear vintage fashions everyday of the week. Thank

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