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What is a consignment boutique?

 Bonjour, my friends!!! I hope and pray that all are doing magnificent!!!! On today's blog I'm sharing some insight on what a consignment boutique is. Let's start with the basics of what a consignment is. A consignment is the agreement to buy or sell products between two parties, the (consignor) and the (consignee). You may ask, what is a consignor and a consignee? A consignor is the party who agrees to allow another party to sell their products on behalf of them. A consignee is the party who sells or buys the products on behalf of the consignor.  A consignment boutique is a retail store that makes a contractual agreement with a consignor to resell their products in exchange for a portion of the sale(s). Most consignment boutiques will usually agree to give the consignor 60% of the sale(s) and the consignee will receive 40% of the sale(s).  Consignment boutiques resell high end luxury brands such as, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Louisboutin, Fendi, Hermes , and other luxury brands

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