Counterfeit vs. The Replica


Happy New Year, fashion friends!!!

    It's been since 2021 since I last posted a blog in the blogsphere. I am so happy to have crossed over into the new year. Last year was a great year, but I am expecting this year to be an even greater year. 

Let's talk about counterfeits and replicas. In the fashion world counterfeits and replicas are a really big component in the fashion industry. I will first distinguish the difference between counterfeits and replicas. 


Counterfeits are duplicated designs that are created illegally by a third party manufacturer and/or sweat shop. These illegal third parties will create the exact design as Louis Vuitton, Versace, Coach, Hermes, Gucci, and other high end designers. The designs will have the exact same branding as the authentic brand.

Counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbag 

Authentic Louis Vuitton handbag 

 Counterfeit items are made with cheaper materials, and they have poor stitching. The material is sometimes brighter/shiner on the counterfeit products. The hardware on counterfeit handbags are poorly made, it chips easily, and it fades fast. 

Counterfeiting has caused the fashion industry to lose a lot in sales annually. According to, in 2020, the clothing sector lost 26.3 billion in sales, and the handbag sector lost 1.6 billion in sales due to counterfeiting (Statista Research Department, 2021).


Replicas are styles that are duplicated, or are very similar in style. Replicas do not use other brands logos. Replicas are totally legal. Many brands actually practice this technique. For example, Chanel designed the classic quilted double flap bag. There have been brands such as, Tory Burch, Coach, LTL London and etc who have made the same style of bag. The difference with some of these brands, they may not have used the same materials with the creation of their handbag. 

Chanel quilted double flap handbag 

Replica Handbags of the Chanel Double Quilted Flap Handbag by LTL London and Tory Burch 

I hope this blog post was very insightful to my audience. Having a background in fashion, I am very passionate about people knowing the difference between counterfeits and replicas. 

I hope that none of you are patronizing in the illegal sales of counterfeit products. Many people don’t know that when they patronize in this type of activity that the funds are used in the aiding of terrorism. Not only does it aid in terrorism, but these illegal parties are partaking in copyright infringement. No designer wants any other entity to steal their creations and profit from it. 

If you can’t afford the authentic version, try saving up for the authentic version, or consider purchasing a replica. Join in on the conversation by sharing this blog and/or leaving a comment fashion friends!!! 


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