What is a consignment boutique?

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On today's blog I'm sharing some insight on what a consignment boutique is. Let's start with the basics of what a consignment is. A consignment is the agreement to buy or sell products between two parties, the (consignor) and the (consignee). You may ask, what is a consignor and a consignee? A consignor is the party who agrees to allow another party to sell their products on behalf of them. A consignee is the party who sells or buys the products on behalf of the consignor. 

A consignment boutique is a retail store that makes a contractual agreement with a consignor to resell their products in exchange for a portion of the sale(s). Most consignment boutiques will usually agree to give the consignor 60% of the sale(s) and the consignee will receive 40% of the sale(s). 

Consignment boutiques resell high end luxury brands such as, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Louisboutin, Fendi, Hermes, and other luxury brands. You can purchases clothes, shoes, accessories, mink coats, and leather coats and jackets. You can even find vintage luxury brands from consignment boutiques. 

Some consignment boutiques can be found in your local city, and some of the more popular consignment boutiques have both online stores and retail stores. The Real Real, Fashionphile and Tradesy are a few of the more popular consignment boutiques where you  can find high end luxury brands at a more reasonable price than stores such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, Chanel, and so on. 

A consignment boutique can also sale art and home interior products. Consignment boutiques do not just sell fashions, but some consignment boutiques specifically sell fashion items only. Antique stores are also considered consignment boutiques. 

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